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 Products & Services
Human Torso
Human Skeleton
Muscle Skeleton
Flexible Spine
Female Pelvis, 2-part
Human Digestive System
Human Female Pelvis
Human Head Section
Human Fetal Skull
Pregnancy Pelvis
Tooth Model
Endocrine-System,Female- Chart
Diseases-of-the-Urinary Chart


Disorders-&-Digestive Chart
Models & Charts
Aids Virus
Anatomy of Starfish
Animal Cell Division
Cockroach Anatomy
Dicot Root T.s.
Embryonic Development (period of Gestation)
Fish Dissection
Human Brain 4 Part
Human Ear 3 Parts
Human Eye in Bony Orbit
Human Eye 5 Times Enlarged
Human Head and Neck L.s.
Human Heart and Lungs
Human Kidney L.s.
Human Lower Jaw with Teeth
Human Nervous System
Human Skeleton
Human Spinal Cord
Human Tooth Molar
Human Torso Half Size Interchangeable Sex Organs
 Isobilateral Leaf
 Blood Vessels and Renal Corpuscle
 Larynx 3 Parts
 Model of D.N.A.
 Monocot Leaf T.s.
 Muscle Figure
 Plant Cell
 Root Tip of the Fern
 Typical Flower
Models & Charts
Amoeba Proteus
Animal Cell
Development of Chick
Dicot Stem Anatomy T.s. & L.s.
Eye Model on Bony Base
Frog Development
Human Circulatory System
Human Development Non-detachable
Human Eye with Lid
Human Female Pelvis 2 Part
Human Heart 3 Parts
Human Heart Extra Large
Human Kidney with Adrenal Gland
Human Lung Right
Human Nose L.s.
Human Skin
Human Stomach
Upper Triple Root
 Human Upper and Lower Jaw
 Human Youth Heart
 Kidney Section
 Kidney with Bladder
 Leaf Anatomy
 Model of Hydra
 Monocot Root T.s.
 Pregnancy Pelvis with Baby
 Skeleton Model Miniature
 Typical Flower L.s.
Models & Charts
Amoeba Proteus 2 Parts
Animal Cell Division Mitosis
Bird Dissection
Dicot Leaf T.s.
Earthworm Disection
Fertilisation of Angiosperms
Frog Dissection
Human Development Detachable
Human Digestive System
Human Ear 6 Parts
Human Eye 3 Times Enlarged
Human Head and Brain
Human Heart 4 Parts
Human Heart with Lungs & Larynx
Human Liver with Gall Bladder
Human Male Pelvis
Human Respiratory System
Human Skull
Human Teeth with Tongue
Human Torso with Head
 Human Urinary Organs
 Intestinal Vills
 Larynx 2 Parts
 Malarial Parasite Life History
 Model of R.N.A.
 Monocot Stem Anatomy T.s. & L.s.
 Paramecium 2 Parts
 Root Anatomy
 Stand for Human Skeleton
 Typical Plant Cell
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